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Knowledge Management in the Customer Care Centre of premium car manufacturer AUDI AG

The right and efficient answer to every customer question is essential for a globally operating company. Since 2002, Hyperwave has been the foundation of Audis @sk information platform which achieves this goal.

@sk handles ‘pure knowledge’, i.e. knowledge which is not allocated to a particular customer question. The key to fast delivery of the right answers is a powerful search function and a highly optimized navigation structure within the different categories. To guarantee the actuality of the information, internal usage analysis and update procedures are in place.

The information within these so called ‘info-clusters’ are highly diverse, ranging from sales manuals to dealer correspondence, brochures, company statements, technical information and nearly real time information like Audi race results and lap times.

Web access and central administration ensure accurate and quick update cycles even in a global market.

It is very important for Volkswagen, the parent company of Audi, that multiple car brands can use this knowledge management solution with absolute differentiation from brand CI to the contained information.

Finally, Hyperwave is the central desktop for the daily work of Audi’s customer care employees.

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