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When it comes to customer service, Hyperwave does much more than just talk the talk. Whether by e-mail, fax, internet or telephone our experts are there to provide professional support for every Hyperwave solution.

The Service Advantage

We have a highly qualified and experienced team with in-depth product knowledge standing by for our customers. Our support experts not only have an encompassing know-how of all Hyperwave products, but by working closely with each customer are also familiar with their individual solutions. This enables us to provide a service that is not only quick and competent, but personal too.

  1. Rapid problem solving
  2. Guaranteed response to every service call
  3. Know-how transfer from support team to the customer
  4. Consistently high level of support
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Flexible and expedient response

Support Center


  • Austria

    Tel: (+43) 316 820918-33

  • Germany

    Tel: (+49) 8677 88199-77

  • UK

    Tel: +44 (0) 1327 317 252

  • US

    Tel: (+41) 888 894-3598

Hyperwave places a lot of value on responsiveness and flexibility when it comes to customer support. Therefore, customers can choose a support model that best serves their needs. The basic support plan provides an all-encompassing technical assistance and the premium plan adds extended support hours, on-site consultation and a dedicated support expert.

Basic Support

  • Service hours: Monday through Friday 9AM - 6PM CET
  • Service requests per e-mail, web forms and telephone
  • Support consultation per e-mail and telephone
  • On-site consultation as needed

Premium Support

  • Service hours: Monday through Friday 8AM - 8PM CET
  • Service requests to a dedicated support expert per e-mail, web forms and telephone
  • Support consultation by a dedicated support expert per e-mail and telephone
  • Regular on-site visits and consultation

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