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Finanz Informatik

Intranet Content Management for the Savings Banks in Germany

The Hyperwave Information Server solution is the strategic product of “Finance Informatics” for Intranet Content Management (ICM) and has successfully been in production use for more than 10 years. Finance Informatics is the IT organisation responsible for all of the savings banks in Germany.

ICM is used as an intranet solution in approximately 100 savings banks all over Germany and is very important for the day-to-day business of the banks because all the business critical information is provided by ICM. This critical information includes procedures manuals, managerial decisions, IT rules of action and other relevant manuals and documentation.

ICM makes sure that all of the relevant information is personalized and distributed to the right employee. To guarantee that the information is actually read by the employee, the Hyperwave “read confirmation” functionality is used.

For mission critical document creation and traceable updates, as well as some other processes, the Hyperwave Workflow option is used.

On top of this knowledge and information distribution functionality, ICM is also the base team-working environment. Hundreds of Hyperwave team workspaces and discussion forums are used by multiple project groups.

Finance Informatics selected Hyperwave because of its consistent role and rights model (which defines access authorizations to all knowledge objects), the user-friendly interface, the compliance with their private cloud infrastructure and the straight-forward update strategy.

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