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Hyperwave IS/7 stores all documents and their associated metadata in a standard relational database. This assures ideal availability and security for the data. Additionally, powerful search functionality allows you to search in texts and metadata for the information you need.

Hyperwave IS/7 offers a range of services covering all basic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality.

Using completely web-based technologies, Hyperwave IS/7 and its solutions can be deployed immediately and everywhere, without a major rollout.

One of the most outstanding features of the information server is that it is platform independent. Hyperwave IS/7 will basically run on any major server platform. For you as a user, this means that you have free choice of hardware and operating systems. It is also possible to change from one platform to another at any time. A standard Hyperwave release includes both the Microsoft Windows and the Linux versions of the server, so even if you switch platform, there are no extra license costs. Both versions naturally include comprehensive support and guaranteed upgrades.

Another outstanding feature of the Hyperwave IS/7 is its scalability. IS/7 literally grows according to your requirements. You can start with a single department with 50 users or fewer and expand to any number of departments and over 100,000 users at any time.

The sky is the limit as far as increasing requirements are concerned. The only thing that needs to keep pace is your hardware infrastructure, our software will not need to be reinstalled or changed.

Hyperwave IS/7 contains a complete, object-oriented application framework, based on JavaScript. This allows the building of tailor-made applications, or allows you to customize and expand on standard products and solutions.

Regardless of whether the applications are developed by you in-house, by our programmers here at Hyperwave or by a system house of your choice, Hyperwave IS/7 guarantees data integrity and compliance to access control guidelines. The Hyperwave application and Web services framework make it easy and fast to integrate IS/7 into your existing infrastructure and to connect to external systems.

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