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What's New

Hyperwave IS/7 - A New Milestone

The latest release of our information server is a direct response to customer requests and therefore delivers a rich feature set based on real-world needs. New and existing customers will quickly find their way around the updated user interface. With a focus on usability, we’ve made document and knowledge management in intranets easier than ever.

Web Content Management

New Modules

We have expanded our web content management functionality with a completely new component for XML-based content management and excellent HTML support. The new WCM module also offers social media support with wikis, blogs and RSS.


There is no need to set up several parallel web sites in order to provide multilinguality, you can simply create different language versions for each individual page. Users will automatically be shown the page in their chosen language.

Web Content Management
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Building on our standard Records Management solution, the new auditing feature guarantees accountability for all transactions on the server. Whether you are using document management, web content management or workflow, auditing keeps track of everything.

Auditing serves as the basis for upholding compliance requirements for any organization. All transactions are stored in a dedicated database that allows flexible scalability according to your organization’s size and needs, which fully supports custom reports.

Search Engines

New Search Engines

We have expanded our list of supported search engines to include Lucene, a search technology provided by the Apache Software Foundation.

Our Lucene integration can cover a wide spectrum of customer requirements. In addition to the standard version, we also support an optimized version created by our partners at the Know Center.

Hyperwave search has always provided reliable and comprehensive attribute and fulltext search functionality, but now also offers up-to-date input features such as speed typing and different possibilites for filtering search results. Being able to filter results according to document type, or use a "did you mean" suggestion, allows you to find the results you want quickly and easily, even in the face of large amounts of data or unwanted typos.

Search Engine

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